Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bahar Dar part 2 Blue nile falls

This is a post from a while back but wanted to update it with pictures
After a quick lunch we went to the blue Nile falls. The ride is very interesting with lots of people in the street walking. People walk everywhere. Donkeys carrying big loads. people carrying big loads on their heads and backs. carts being pulled by carts. very old world. Our guide Fish told us about all the things the U.S. is doing for Ethiopia. The government and the church charities and the regular charities. By far the USA is doing a lot and he was very grateful to our country. He also told us that Americans are a happy people and that is some thing they like no matter how bad things are you can still smile. That was the thing that has gotten to me is how friendly and how happy they are. The US is helping them build some power plants that will be up and running soon so there are no longer the blackouts for extended time. Education is huge here everyone wants to be a Doctor. Fish told us that the US is no longer giving money to the government that is trying to teach the people through education. He and his fellow guides like to take Americans on tours because we are impressed with there country. His least favorite are the french and the Israelis, he says they are hard to make happy. When we got to the Blue Nile Falls we hiked for a little while and through a very small village where people tried to sell us stuff. they were well spoken little girls about 4 to 6 years old and very nice but it got a little overwhelming a few times. they had this speach memorized that they each picked one of us to give it to so it was hard to say no if we didnt want it. the guides helped us out quite a bit in this regard. We went over a old bridge built over 400 years ago. the falls were impressive although they were flowing at just 10 to 15% the rainy season is almost here which is when they become big. Also they are building power plants that are taking 60% of the water until they are done with them. it was still pretty neat. On our way back we stopped by the village and max played kick ball with the kids from the village. there was one kid running around with a long sleeved sweatshirt and no pants. thats how they potty train the kids, just let them run around nude. max has been fun and is making friends here. We bought a few things from the kids and headed back to the hotel. fish said that it is better to give the older kids money 12 year old than the young kids as they will spend it wisely on their family and not to teach the younger kids not to value education. pretty neat insight

Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 weeks home

well we've been home 2 weeks. Twins are harder than you think. I think Ann and I are just lucky we didn't have the first few months when the feedings happen all the time. It does seem that we are either changing a diaper or feeding all the time. They are a blast though. We really are loving it. We met with the Doctor yesterday he was impressed with them and thought they looked real good. They have been gaining a lot of weight since they have been home which is great. Our doctor was also impressed with the reports/test he was able to review. Apparently a lot of countries you are only given a very limited amount of info. We also met with our social worker who said they seem to be doing well and dont appear to have any attatchment issues she'll be back in another month to check on them. We took the m to Max's school for sharing this week, They loved him. The kids sit in a circle and Max tells about them and then the kids ask questions. It was fun. Alot of the kids would tell about their siblings or just raise their hands and say "I think they are cute" well got to go they are up from their nap. wow that wasn't much time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

getting caught up

I am going to try and finish some of the stories of the trip in no particular order and edit the order after i get it done. this post will stay on top until the trip is complete. thanks

HIV orphanage in Ethiopia

We spent today touring the CHSFS(which is our adoption agency) projects around Addis. The First place we stopped was a Orphanage called Ahope it is not part of our agency but is next to it and they work together somewhat. This is a orphanage for kids that were HIV positive. Some donations were brought to this orphanage mostly medical gloves which they were in desperate need. The nannies were proud to help out these kids. They said we our risking our lives every day to care for these children and these gloves will help protect us. The facility wasn't near as nice as our orphanage. it was dimly lit. There were probably 12-15 kids per room in bunk beds ranging from 1 to mayber 10. It broke my heart to see these kids. In fact its been 2 weeks since we were there and my allergies are acting up as I am thinking and writ ting about them. A lot of the kids had sores on there face. they were about twice as large a giant zit. Ethiopians as you have seen have large beautiful eyes which just adds to these kids beauty. It is hard for me to think of these kids suffering from this disease. I was so proud Max is my boy the whole trip but particular here. He went into this place and was in one of his sillier moods and made these kids laugh like crazy. Seeing a red head boy their age and having fun with them. They just loved him. I am a very lucky parent to have him. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child from this orphanage or learning of ahope click on here Ahope

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some pictures

Hope this works I'm a rookie. It has been great beginning to get these precious babies.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're home!!! our phones are not

Have you ever had to sit next to a screaming baby on a flight. Well we were that couple. The flight was long and painful. 5 hours from Ethiopia to Dubai 7 hour layover and 17 hours to lax. Either Ann or I was up rocking(sometimes both) the entire flight. It was rough. The twins and us are adjusting to the time zones. Also are phones are still in Ethiopia somewhere, so we no longer have any ones contact info. We ordered new ones and should have them this weekend so please call as we may not have your info. I'll try and finish the blog shortly and get pictures up soon as well. Thanks again for every ones love and support. It was a awesome adventure. I cant say enough good things about Ethiopia and the people

Friday, May 15, 2009

Under Construction

I received a lot of post entries through email last night so I will try to put them in chronological order for congruent reading. However, you may need to scroll back to catch some entries that happened previously that I just posted. When Ty and Ann get back maybe they can add pictures to each entry to complete the journey. - Angel